Seattle based multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter. 
​Navigating the musical spectrum from soulful jazzy leads, acoustic back porch southern pickin', to straight up funny story telling, and a bit of everything in between! An eclectic journey of words and Music, to make you smile, groove, reflect, or just be! 

A born entertainer… 
Performing the entire "Big Bamboo" (Cheech & Chong) album for fellow 3rd graders before school was a typical morning. 

In fourth grade the music program was introduced in school, so mom went to the local music store for a trumpet rental, but came home with a trombone instead….and so it began. 

Moving on to the saxophone in sixth grade. Musical aptitude was clear. As an eighth grade student, being the youngest player to be accepted into the local college jazz band was a huge honor. (of course the smallest safire blue sparkly jacket they had, fit like a dress.) 

Free time was spent learning tasty licks the likes of Grover Washington Jr., Earth Wind and Fire, The Crusaders, Tower of Power, Jimmy Messina etc… Then freshman year of high school, THE SAX GETS STOLEN! 

Money being tight…unable to purchase a new sax. It seemed it was all over. Meanwhile the music of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Carlos Santana, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath were being introduced. As fate would have it, also introduced, that same year, was an old “beater” electric guitar. After modifying the amplifier sections of several transistor radios, and a $2000.00 Hammond Organ, (mom did not dig it). A used Silvertone guitar amp was purchased. 

Armed with the musical sense and training of several years on saxophone, and trombone, combined with the freedom of being self taught on guitar. Playing strictly by ear. There were no rules, no boundaries. If it can be imagined, it CAN be played. 
So began the fusion of all styles and genres, into what has now become a unique style and feel that is all Jude Contreras. 

A full time musician currently gigging in multiple bands around the Puget Sound area, 
The true passion is in creating, and performing what comes from…and touches the soul

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